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Retro Games

Our gaming apps are highly engaging, social, and enthusiastic to our users as they are nostalgic and will remind you of the old days.

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Premium Apps

Our content apps will provide you with premium movies, series and short clips on various verticals.

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Gaming Ring

We provide our users with high-end games.
We are GAMERS. We love games and love to play.

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MineMaster is a single player puzzle video game. The main goal of the game is to clear all the hidden mines from the board, without detonating any of them, and with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines in each field.

Don’t stop running – the faster your time, the higher your score. Play the 90s run game on your TV device and feel the nostalgic era like never before. Try it now!

Asobu.TV is devoted to creating a unique experience to our users by taking an innovative approach of placing the users in the front, continually challenging their abilities, and increasing user engagement. Play Brick Bracker and see this for yourself.

“Classic Bricks” is a fun and classic block game! And our Block Puzzle is not just that. It is more Simple and addictive! Once you start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you will love it!

Burrows is a new version of an old game that we all loved to play. In our game the player will lead the mouse to collect all the cheese and avoid the cats that try to catch him.

Concentration is the game we all played when we were young. In this game the player will match and try to remember what is behind every tile.

Kazumba is a game that will remind us another retro game. In our game the player will travel the world with “Kazumba” the airplane and visit all the best places.

MaMahjong will remind us all the good times. With the chilling sound and the fine game of matching tiles, our players will get the best time.

The Playful Run is a game for the children. In this game the player will control the dog and lead him to collect all the Frisbees and avoid the obstacles.

RhymOn is a good old game for the children. The player will have to follow the rhythm and play it on.

Virus Bluster is coming soon! In this game the player will exterminate all the viruses by matching them one to another to complete a series of 3 or more viruses.

The Virus Lab is a fusion between old and new. While the retro game is against monsters, in our game the player will have to kill the viruses with his pill.

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